Discovering Beirut, you will find yourself in one of the most hedonistic city of the Mediterranean coast: trendy bars and clubs with outstanding line-ups.



Perfect place to watch and be part of the Mar Mikhael scene. Hip and bobochic atmosphere for this bar with an authentic vintage feel. Great start for bar hopping and chat listening to good deep house.

Adress: Tiyaan Building, Armenia street. Mar Mikhael. Tel:+961 1 565 463


When you are in Beirut, you need to be on top of it. Trendy bar and warm atmosphere for this great hangout to visit with friends and share drinks or dinner. The successful rooftop concept has even been exported to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Adress: Al Nahar Building 8th floor- Beirut Downtown- Tel:+961 3 090 936


Book it in advance. Now. Through their saturday show "Hishik Bishik", Metro al Madina reinvented the Arab cabaret. Ya Mustafa, Ya Mustafa, Chic Chac Choc, more than 10 artists, musicians, singers, actors and bellydancers take you back to the golden age of the Egyptian cabarets. Get ready to channel the "baladi" in you.

Adress: Sarolla building (level -2) near the Kababji restaurant. Hamra street. Tel: +961 1 753 021


The summer electro music connoisseurs destination in Beirut. You can't miss its giant structure located in El Biel. The talented team behind the project has upgraded the level in  the Middle East, starting with their first club UberHaus in Hamra (now closed). Dixon, Solomun, Black Coffee, just name them, they all came to GARTEN. The crowd is young, they are there to dance and enjoy. No Chichi.

Adress: Biel, new Beirut exhibition center Downtown Beirut. Tel: +961 76 363 662



Architectural ovni. The legendary club designed by the famous Bernard Khoury is labeled as a perfect example of ‘war architecture’. Party in this underground war shelter and get touched by the sunrise light when the roof opens. Since its opening in 1998, new and trendier places may have popped up but till now going to BO 18 is an experience. That’s not mere clubbing, that’s living Beirut’s energy through its contradictions: lively, macabre, hedonistic and immediate. Preferably go on weekends as an after-party (80’s nights are organized on Thursdays but it's not the best to feel the real energy of the place).

Adress: Karantina Beirut- Tel: +961 3 810 618