"On va s'aimer, on va danser, c'est la vie..."

You are a native Arabic speaker and weirdly the only part of the song that you get is the French lyrics.

Get a bit of Wahrani dialect but we don't guarantee you will understand Cheb Khaled... as we sometimes don't ourselves! 

• How are you?:Kerak (m)? Keraki (f)?

• Good: Ghaya/Labess

• Oh my God!: Hawdji ana! Ya Hay!

• I don't speak Arabic: Ma nahdarsh el arbiya

• I can/I can’t: Enejem/Ma nejemch

• Handsome/Beautiful: Chbab (m)/Chaba , can also be used for objects.

• What?: Shawala?

• Who?: Shkoun?

• Yes: Wah

• Wait: Qare3 (m) Qar3i (f)

• Come down: Houwood (m) Hawdi (f)

• Really!: Bessa7!

• Please (begging): Hambouk (from Allah yar7am Abouk)

•A girl: Shira

• Are you joking?: Erak teza3aq (m)? Eraki teza3qi (f)?

• A car: lauto

• Children: Drari

• A baby:Ghoriyane