So you like merguez in your couscous?

Sorry we don't.  A great mix of Berber, Andalusian, Arab and Ottoman cuisines, food in Oran is diverse, colourful. Other big Algerian cities as  Algiers, Constantine and Tlemcen share with Oran delicate and traditional dishes not to be missed, however we have selected for you the best of the  west coastal capital city. 

Local specialities

• Karentika: Original oranian street food. Said to have a Spanish origin (from “calentita” Spanish to say a bit hot). Chickpea flan to be eaten in bread with harissa sauce and cumin.

• Maaqouda: Mashed potatoes deep fried with onions, parsley, saffron and sometimes cheese.

• Berkoukes: Traditional dish “cousin” of the Couscous, made of 2-3 mm diameter balls. It is served with a sauce “marga” and generally prepared in winter or during some celebrations such as “Mawlid Nabawi” (Prophet’s Birthday).

• Harira: Thick soup part of the Andalusian Cuisine heritage, traditionally served during Ramadan in Western Algeria and Morocco.

• Oranian Paella: The huge Spanish community left food heritage with paella. The saffron rice meal is still prepared by families on weekends.

• Mouna: Orange blossom flavored brioche (bun).

• Torno: Biscuits with flavor of anis or orange blossom traditionally prepared for kids.


Credit: Fadela Mecheri

Credit: Fadela Mecheri

In a city full of fast-food, if you don't the chance to be invited at local's place to taste home food, Khaima Beni Chograne will be a light in your culinary discovery. Spicy Harira, Baboush (snails) or Rogag,(thin bread, with lamb and sauce)are not to be missed. The vintage colourful decor and the khaima (tent in arabic) make you travel in rural Algeria.

Adress: Rue Mimoun Bouadjem +213 772 66 93 50



You will often hear that it's more and more difficult to find seafood as Algerian sailors sell it to Spaniards. Be brave and taste Oranian Paella or grilled fresh swordfish, redsnapers and gambas a la plancha. People generally head to 'La Pecherie' however we prefer Sidi El Houari area. La Mouette is not a posh hang-out but you will be sure to get fresh fish, lick your fingers and wipe them on the paper table clothes.

Adress: 6 place de la Republique. Sidi El Houari area.



It's the Wahran hot dog. Get your half baguette sandwich with cumin and harissa in Mdina Jdida or in La Bastille. Your relation with bread is a bit difficult? Ask your Karentika without bread on a thin newspaper-like foil and don't forget to ask for a plastic fork.

Everywhere in the streets, favourite spots are in Mdina Jdida Souk and La Bastille food market



Sfendj are the Madeleine de Proust of every North Africans. Mint tea best friends, these fatty deep-fried doughnuts can be made at home or bought in every neighbourhoods at 'Moul el Sfendj' generally familiar faces. When you are visiting Downtown Oran, near La Bastille food market don't miss to taste some of the best sfendj.

Adress: This place has been recommended by @wardoutta, more than an adress it's an itinerary! Facing the Grand Garage d'Oran on Rue Mohamed Khemisti, take the left pavement until you reach a Pharmacy at the first corner,take left and leave the Khemisti Street, go down the road and take the first right, here is "Moul el Sfendj"! street St right