Art by Kader Attia

                                                                                                                                      Art by Kader Attia

Confusion is not a bad thing. This is often the first honest healthy reaction for anyone engaged in any creative and strategic process.

We are confused because we are interrogating our heritages, our family memories and our surroundings.    

What happened to the region?

We are confused because we are curious to know more about who we are and where are we going.                    

What is being an Arab today?

We are confused because we are observing quick changes and contradictions, reasons to cry and even more to smile and we believe that our diversity should help us to write a new future.                                                          

What are the next steps?

In diaspora where multiculturalism is under backlashes or in native nations facing political and social violences, let's think about how rich and diverse are our identities. Discover or give a different look to our hometowns, life partners we love, miss and sometimes even hate.

We travel the world because we can't travel the time. Let's write together the future of nostalgia.